Wearing colour confidently.

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http://hledejsmudlo.cz/fasosrt/5587 In all honesty, my day-to-day wardrobe needs spicing up. My clothes are fit for a funeral, black, some neutral tones and more black. However, when I travel abroad, I have this sense of freedom to wear colours I wouldn’t have dreamt of wearing in England. Why is this? Maybe it’s a confidence thing. Wearing black always seems to be the safest option. This year I have vouched to myself to slowly introduce more colour to my wardrobe, and so far, I am loving it.


go At the moment I have a thing for Rust, which is a combination of Red, Orange and Brown. When shopping for my trip to Bali, this dress was a must have! As well as the colour, I love the lightweight feel and the tassel detail to finish. This dress fits in perfectly with my jungle surroundings; it has given me a new leash of life.


go So if you are anything like myself who owns a wardrobe full of minimalistic black clothing, why not step outside of your comfort zone and add a splash of colour to your wardrobe this summer? If you are not confident in “pulling it off” or keen on wearing an outfit full of colour, begin by adding colourful statement pieces such as a bag, shoes or accessories.

http://wolontariatsportowy.com/fioepr/bioepr/4028 Love always, G. x


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